Keep food fresh for longer


iLmyh Automatic Food Vacuum Sealing Machine plus 10pc Sealer Bags (20×25cm)

  • Keep Freshness — Prevents mold and bacteria growth, keep the nutrition and flavor of the food, eliminate frozen burns and reduce deterioration. Food fresh 10 x longer than ordinary storage methods, avoiding food waste and saving money. Save time to buy food at the supermarket. It is also an indispensable assistant to the Sous Vide.
  • Dual Mode of Dry / Wet Food — Two sealing methods guarantee perfect preservation based on the type of food that needs to be sealed. Dry mode of dry foods (eg. aged cheese, sausages, etc.) and wet mode of wet foods (eg. fresh meat, fresh fish, etc.). (Note: Wet food mode does not mean foods that contain a lot of water, it only means wet). You can also use dry mode to protect jewelries, important documents and photos.
  • Easy to Use — One-button vacuum seal operation with a vacuum speed of 5-8 seconds. For a seal-only operation, press both sides of the vacuum cover for 3 seconds until the indicator changes from green to red to green. (Note: make sure to press the cover with both hands to get a complete seal)


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iLmyh focuses on the development of kitchen utensils, focusing on product quality and the customer’s product experience.
iLmyh Vacuum Sealer helps you to store the food and protect them from mold and bacteria for keeping food fresh, prolonging the shelf life of foods and making your diet healthier. Vacuum packaging helps maintain the overall taste and quality of the food.

Portable & Easy to Clean — Small size and easy to carry. It has magnetic absorption on the back can easy to hang the vacuum machine on the surface of the refrigerator to saving space. The sealing tape of the vacuum machine can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning.

Advantages of Vacuum Preservation Method:

  1. Without special smell
  2. Prevent bacterial growth
  3. Keep the refrigerator clean
  4. Extend the storage time
  5. Keep food fresh
  6. Save space

Fresh food can be eaten anytime, anywhere: The vacuum machine is small in size and easy to carried out for travel or camping.

Operational Step:

Step 1 Fills the food
Open the top lid by pressing the buttons on both sides. Put food into bag leaving 8-10cm for sealing.
Place bag into the vacuum slot (Note: Please ensure that the edge of the bag does not exceed the vacuum slot).

Step 2 Close the cover
Press both sides of the cover until hear lock-up sound.

Step 3 Vacuum food and seal
Press the work button and the vacuum sealer will activate the vacuum and seal.

* Power: 80W
* Power Supply: AC 110-220V 50Hz
* Vacuum Degree: -60kp
* No-load Capacity: 4.5L / min
* Noise Value: less than 75dB
* Seal Time: 5 seconds
* Vacuum Seal Time: 8 seconds
* Maximum Seal Width: 30cm
* Power Cable: 150cm

Package list:
1 * Vacuum Sealer
15 * Vacuum Bags
1 * User Manual

Satisfaction Guarantee:

1 Year Warranty — The iLmyh vacuum machine uses high quality ABS material and equipped with 15 vacuum bags (20 × 25 cm). 12 months warranty and excellent customer service to providing fast, efficient and professional support. We take full responsibility for the quality of the product and guarantee 100% satisfaction. (Note: You can send us an e-mail to solve all product related problems through Amazon)

If there has any problem in the purchase process, please feel free to contact us.