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Andrew James Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls | 22cm x 10m for Sous Vide Cooking & Freezing

  • CUT TO SIZE FOOD SEALER BAGS — Using vacuum bags food can stay fresh up to 5 x longer, saving you money and helping the environment by reducing waste.
  • HIGH QUALITY EMBOSSED BAGS — These channelled vacuum food sealer bags are specifically designed for vacuum sealing, allowing the air to be easily removed.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH A RANGE OF VACUUM SEALERS — You can use these food sealer rolls with machines from a variety of different manufacturers.
  • IDEAL FOR SOUS VIDE COOKING — Use these vacuum bags for cooking sous vide style to produce delicious, tender and juicy meats and vegetables. They’re also great for boil in the bag rice or reheating pre-made meals.


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How Do You Use Food Vacuum Sealer Bags?

The Andrew James Vacuum Pack Food Bags are designed for use with vacuum sealer machines. The thick plastic bags have an embossed design that allows for air to be withdrawn before sealing to create that essential vacuum.

To use the bags, simply pop your food items inside then place the open ends into your machine. You can simply seal the bags with the heat sealer, or remove the air for a vacuum seal.

Why Choose Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls?

If you want to seal items of different sizes, including larger cuts of meat, or small portions of leftovers, standard food vacuum sealer bags may not be fit for purpose being either too small or having too much space left over. With vacuum sealer rolls you can create bags to the exact size you need, making them even more economical.

What Can You Put In These Bags?

Freshly Purchased Foods: Transfer fresh fruit, veg and meat, even cheese into a bag and seal or vacuum seal to keep the items fresher for longer.

Half Used Veg Portions: Seal up that half of pepper, onion, cucumber etc., ready for the next time you need to cut off a portion. You can even reseal the same bag.

Pre-Cooked Meal Portions For Microwave Cooking: Take a tasty hot meal to work in these microwave safe bags. Clean the bags and reuse again.

Sous Vide Cooking: Pop in your fish, meat, veg and marinade then simply boil in the bag for tender, juicy results.

Freezer Foods: Save space in the freezer by putting items in these bags and vacuum sealing. This can be home cooked meals, raw ingredients or pre-packed burgers, etc., removing the wasted space of half full cardboard boxes.

Valuable Items & Paperwork: These bags can also be used to protect jewellery, passports, favourite photos, and other important items from dust and dirt.

These versatile vacuum food sealer rolls can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher and reused multiple times. They are made from BPA free plastic.